Cesar Chavez Student Center

Building Details

Floors: 4
Year built: 1960
Accessible entrances: There is an Automatic door on the basement level from MLK Student Union Garage. An automatic opener is provided on the basement level. The main entrance from Lower Sproul Plaza on level one provides an Automatic door that uses motion sensors on the interior side. The exterior entrance to Cal Photo ID Services also provides and automatic opener. An interior entrance and an exterior entrance to the Students Center on level two provide automatic openers. The door to the restroom within the DSP also provides an automatic opener.

Restrooms: There are Three multiple user restrooms on level two that provide stalls with room for side transfer: two on the west side and one in the Golden Bear Cafe. One usable single user restroom is also provided in the Golden Bear Cafe, as well as in the Student Center.

Accessibility features: One telephone on level two is usable, but does not provide volume control or TDD equipment. One drinking fountain on level one does provide adequate knee space. One drinking fountain in the Student Center on level two is usable.



 Building location