Dwinelle Hall

Building Details

Floors: 8
Year built: 1952
Accessible entrances: Usable entries with automatic doors are located on the north side of the building on level B and the east side of the building on level D. Other entrances not requiring stairs are located in the office wing on the east side of level C (not marked as an usable entry). In the classroom wing on the east side of level C (door is not adjacent to a level surface), and the west side of level B (entrance to the Durham Theatre, does not have an automatic door) usable entries are provided.

Restrooms: There are a set of recently remodeled restrooms on the E floor of classroom wing. Both restrooms provide side transfer stalls.

Designated waiting area: Classroom Side: The Designated Waiting Area is located directly across the elevator in the stairwell lobby. Faculty Side: Facing the elevator, you take two rights and enter the stairwell lobby to find the Designated Waiting Area.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W & N: Classroom Side: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located in the stairwell across from the elevator on level D. Faculty Side: From the main entrance on the left hand side is the emergency evacuation chair on level B.



 Building location