Giannini Hall

Building Details

Floors: 4
Year built: 1930
Accessible entrances: There are two exterior ramps on the west side of the building. The SW ramp to the basement level leads to an entrance with an automatic opener and push plates.

Restrooms: The mens restroom on the second level has one stall with side and rear grab bars and side transfer capabilities.

Designated waiting area: The restrooms on the north side of the building for each floor are the meeting place in case of an emergency. Each restroom is large enough to accommodate several wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the stairwells within the building do not allow for adequate space on the landing. Proximity to exit: All restrooms are located either adjacent to or across from the northern stairwell. Partitioning: While the restrooms doors are not fire rated, they should provide some resistance in case of fire. Posting: Giannini currently does not have designated waiting areas posted on evacuation floor plans.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: S: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the first floor directly next to the elevator.

Accessibility features: There is one accessible public telephone in the building. Location: Near the NW corner entrance.



 Building location