LeConte Hall

Building Details

Floors: 8
Year built: 1964
Accessible entrances: The wheelchair usable entrance is located in the breezeway on the west side between LeConte Annex and Birge Hall. This entrance leads to the basement level, and provides an automatic opener.

Restrooms: Multiple user restrooms on the basement level and level one provide stalls with grab bars and space for side transfer with adjustments to stall partitions. Restrooms on levels 2 and 3 are not usable.

Designated waiting area: Located on the stairwell landings on all floor with one exception. First Floor: The primary Designated Waiting Area on the first floor has pay phone to contact the authorities. Remaing Floors: Main stairwell landings.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W & E: LeConte Annex: The emerency evacuaiton cabinet is locating in the stair well on the basement level along the path of travel from the entrance to the elevator. Old LeConte: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the first floor near the drinking fountain and the east stairwell.

Accessibility features: There are two public telephones: one on the ground level and one on level one. Both are usable from the side. There are usable drinking fountains on the basement level and level one.



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