McCone Hall

Building Details

Floors: 7
Year built: 1961
Accessible entrances: There are three entrances to McCone Hall. The south side ground level entrance is usable via exterior ramp, but does not provide an automatic opener. The west side level one entrance does provide an automatic opener, and enters at grade.

Restrooms: There are usable restroom facilities for both women and men on levels 1-5. There are no restrooms on the ground level. Location: Level 1: directly south of center stairs Level 2: directly north of south stairs Level 3: directly north of south stairs Level 4: directly north of south stairs Level five: north of south stairs

Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting Area is located in the stairwell lobby to the left of the elevators when facing them.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: NE: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located in the elevator lobby on the ground floor.

Accessibility features: A public telephone on the ground level is usable via side approach, but does not provide volume control or TDD equipment. Drinking fountains on levels one and four are usable.



 Building location