Moffitt Library

Building Details

Floors:  5
Year built:  1970
Accessible entrances: The main entrance (also the only exterior entrance) is located on level three on the south side of the building. The sets of double doors lead to the main Moffitt security check-in area, to the Free Speech Movement Cafe, and to a corridor connected to the portion of the building that houses classroom. One of these doors provides an automatic opener and push plates.

Restrooms: Two single user restrooms on level three are usable with room for side transfer. Two multiple user restrooms on level 2, one on level 3, and two on level 4 provide stalls with grab bars, but are available for front transfer only.

Designated waiting area: On the library side, DWAs are located in the stairwells across from elevator. On the Adminstrative/Classroom side, the DWAs are located in the stairwell towards the building's center. First Floor: Persons should exit the building whenever possible. Second floor: Persons should exit the building through loading dock exit. Third-Fifth Floors: For both sides of the building, persons should wait on landing within the central stairwell.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: S: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the first floor directly on the right upon entering the library.

Accessibility features:  Public telephones on level two and three are usable, but do not provide volume control or TDD equipment. Location: Level two: southeast of center stair case / Level three: south of center stair case. One drinking fountain on level three is usable.



 Building location