Soda Hall

Building Details

Floors: 8
Year built: 1994
Accessible entrances: The main entrances are double doors with automatic openers located on the third floor and the fourth floor. Both are marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility. There are also two back doors on the third floor, two back doors on the fourth floor, and a door that connects to Etcheverry Hall from the second floor.

Restrooms: Restrooms with side transfer stalls are located on floors with program areas. Location: Second Floor: south of elevators Third Floor: east from the center of building Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Floor: One to the west from center of building, another to the east for each floor. Seventh Floor: south from the center of building.

Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting Area is located on the west side of the building, outside of stairwell no 1.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: N: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located is located on the third floor next to the giant abicus and across from the elevator lobby.



 Building location