Tolman Hall

Building Details

Floors: 8
Year built:  1962
Accessible entrances: There are seven (7) entrances/exits in total, three of which are fire exits. On the ground (G) floor, there are three (3) entrances/exits, one of which is wheelchair usable with a compliant door and an automatic opener. The first (1) floor has two main entryways at grade, no automatic openers. The second (2) floor has one main entrance at grade with no automatic openers.

Restrooms: Two side-transfer stalls (one mens and one womens) are provided on the ground (G) floor. An additional side-transfer stall is located in the womens restroom on the second (2) floor. Location: Ground Floor: towards north end of floor Second Floor: two on the west wing, towards the north, one more on the east wing towards the south.

Designated waiting area: Ground floor on the west wing has a desginated waiting area adjacent to the north stairwell. First floor should be exited via the breezway entrance. Floors two through four, have waiting areas located on the west wing at each of the two stairwells. Floor five has a waiting area in each wing located adjacent to the stairwells.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: E & W: East Side: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located directly across from the elevators on the ground floor. West Side: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located directly infront of the east entrance of the west side.

Accessibility features: There is one wheelchair usable phone in the building, located on the second floor. This phone does not have TDD or volume control. There are two usable drinking fountains in the building, one on the ground floor (in the southeast cornier), and one on the third floor (near west end elevators). Location: Ground Floor: one near southeast corner, another east from center of floor plan Third Floor: one near south stairs in west wing, another east of elevators in west wing, one more near the center of the east wing.



 Building location