Wellman Hall

Building Details

Floors: 5
Year built: 1912
Accessible entrances: Double doors on the north side of the building have automatic openers operated by push plates inside and outside the building. There is an exterior very steep ramp (similar to a driveway) leading to this usable entrance.

Restrooms: There are two multiple user restrooms on the first level. The mens room provides a stall with side transfer capabilities, but the womens room does not. Location: First Level: Mens restroom is at west end of building, and the womens restroom is at the east end.

Designated waiting area: There are two Designated Waiting Areas for each floor. Both DWA's are located right outside of each of the buildings stairwells.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: N: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located directly to the right of the hallway that leads to the elevator.

Accessibility features: The drinking fountain located on the second level is usable.



 Building location