Campus Access Services

Striving to create a university environment accessible to all people, regardless of their relative level of ability.

Background image: Ramp & staircase between Upper Sproul Plaza and Lower Sproul Plaza


Campus Access Services connects (CAS) the UC Berkeley community with the resources, training, evaluative tools, and services that support equal access to students, staff, faculty, and visitors with disabilities to participate in university-sponsored non-course-related programs or activities. In collaboration with our community, Campus Access Services:

  • Strives to create a university environment universally accessible to all regardless of their relative level of ability;

  • Honors UC Berkeley’s critical role in the history of the Disability Rights Movement and works to build on the efforts of those past disability advocates;

  • And Searches for opportunities to engage the campus in embracing equitable and inclusive practices encompassing the broadest spectrum of disabilities.

To achieve those objectives, CAS offers a combination of direct services and accommodations to people with disabilities, consultations for campus units in support of people with disabilities, accessibility assessments, and reference materials.

The Loop Golf Cart

Eligibility for the Loop

All riders must demonstrate a disability-related need to receive approval to use the Loop.  Campus Access Services receives requests for Loop access, verifies the requestor’s disability needs based on available documentation, and approves requests as appropriate.

Accommodations Requests

Information on requesting communications accommodations such as CART/ASL services, Mobility access information, and reporting an access barrier are below.