Zellerbach Hall

Building Details

Year built:
Accessible entrances:
Zellerbach Hall's main accessible entrance is located on the east face of the building. To reach the entrance an individual must travel to the southeast portion of building to take the ramp and reach the door.

One men's and one women's restrooms are usable on the second floor. Four (two men's and two women's) restrooms with side transfer stalls are provided on the third floor, although two of these require maneuvering around an obstruction with insufficient clearance (38"). One women's restroom on the third floor has an additional front-transfer stall.

Emergency evacuation cabinet:
S: The emegency evacuation cabinet is adjacent to the elevator on the ground level.

Accessibility features:
There are two accessible telephones. The first is in the Zellerbach lobby. The second phone is on the second floor also had TDD accommodations. There is an accessible fountain in the lobby of Zellerbach.



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